About Me

Dylan Mulder

27 years old

Based in Wellington, New Zealand

Industrial design degree 



  • Industrial Designer
  • 3d Modeller/CG assets
  • 3d printing
  • Costume and Props design
  • CNC/laser cutter file prep + operation
A talented, driven and forward thinking designer that applies the latest digital technology in unique ways. Qualified with a Bachelor of Design: Industrial Design + Hons 2009. Experience in producing prototypes through 3D printing and physical models through a range of materials. Clever in creative brainstorming, concept sketching and 3d modelling. Passionate Curiosity for exploring 3D technology, optimising workflow and output accuracy. An eye for context-relevant design, and appreciation of form and the interaction of positive and negative space.
 A self-awareness and objectivity to keep a sensible approach to the design flow. Self-motivated, innovative and adapts quickly to changes – working to tight deadlines and providing unique, efficient solutions. Can work as a staff designer as well as an Independent designer – understanding my role within a project. Clear, confident presenter with a friendly sociable personality. Friendly, good natured and positive at life. 

Experience with feature film work, museum installation and exhibition design. 3D printing jewellery, costumes and other products. Online store with products sold online as well as in stores. CG game ready assets for games and apps.

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