• Nyuk Nyuk ltd Game assets
  • Nyuk Nyuk ltd Game assets
  • Nyuk Nyuk ltd Game assets
  • Nyuk Nyuk ltd Game assets
  • Nyuk Nyuk ltd Game assets
  • Nyuk Nyuk ltd Game assets

Nyuk Nyuk ltd Game assets

Working with the team at NyukNyuk Ltd was great! They had a professional yet friendly workflow which I was able to easily integrate with. My role was to produce some game assets for their latest game Stand Off. Check it out here

Stand Off will be available for purchase on ipad\iphone come early 2014!


I can highly recommend Dylan as both a CG modeler and conceptual designer. We engaged Dylan to create CG assets for a computer game. We found him extremely professional, his communication was fantastic as was his artist instinct and insight into what we were trying to achieve for our design aesthetic. He checked in at critical points in his work and made sure he was on target and didn’t push too far without our input. We were very happy with the final product that he delivered and would certainly engage him in the future on other projects.Sincerely Theo Baynton Director/Owner Nyuk Nyuk Limited

Latest Sci-Fi multi-player game for iPad.  Available early 2014!

Stand Off

Stand Off pits 2 players against each other on the same ipad. This game is so hyper competitive it had to create its own genre – some kind of tower defence, RTS, arcade mash up.

You are in command of an arsenal of cannons, Troops, Tanks and Tubs. Beginning with methodical strategy, each game promises to divulge into panicked taps on the screen, endless rematches and the occasional broken friendship… or ipad.

All this action unfolds in the scutum crux, an empty tract of the Milky Way where the desperate head in search of something better. They call these pilgrims from Earth Tub Jumpers. More often than not these desperate folk become grunts in a war for supremacy over this vast territory – and you’ll be no different…

Sound exciting? Well jump in a tub and get in on the action!



Skills: 3D Work, Conceptual, Graphics Design

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